Our Mission

Through a holistic community engagement process, we create vibrant neighborhood spaces and healthy outdoor environments for people of all ages to play, learn, and develop a relationship with the world around them.

About Rooted in Place

Rooted In Place Landscape Architecture and Consulting, specializes in creating neighborhood public spaces and dynamic outdoor learning environments for children of all ages to play, learn, and develop a relationship with nature.

We provide programming, facilitation, and design for outdoor environments, with a focus on connecting users to the natural world. From concept to construction Rooted In Place is part of the entire process, ensuring the highest quality projects that support the vision of the client.

We take a unique approach to all of our projects through a holistic community engagement and place making process. Each project responds to its own distinctive sense of place (ecology, culture, history) and its users. From community workshops, to community build events; Rooted In Place embraces a strategic design process, bringing each project to fruition from an idea to a reality.

Collaboration is weaved into every project at Rooted In Place. Whether working with other design professionals, clients, contractors, or community stakeholders and user groups, each project encourages cross-sector collaboration, which ensures the best ideas are heard, all needs are met and a sense of ownership is developed.


  • Planning & Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Construction Administration
  • Community Build(ing)
  • Design Consultations
  • Project Management
  • Facilitation & Engagement
  • Workshops & Charettes
  • Training & Speaking Engagements
  • Vision Planning

Founder: Ilisa Goldman, RLA, MLA, ASLA

Rooted In Place Landscape Architecture and Consulting was founded by Ilisa Goldman, with the goal of bringing dynamic, healthy outdoor spaces to schools and communities. In her work, she seeks to connect users to the world around them, embracing local ecology, history and culture.

Ilisa has spent nearly two decades working in the field of Landscape Architecture. Embracing her passions for design and the environment, Goldman’s works focuses on the needs of children, which includes education, mental and physical health, and age appropriate design. Goldman is a local leader in the ‘Children and Nature’ movement, helping to educate the design community and raise awareness of the benefits of designing and developing outdoor spaces to enhance children’s nature experiences.

Using design as a means for social change, much of Goldman’s practice is dedicated to helping communities improve and transform their neighborhood spaces. Approachable and friendly, Goldman is a skilled presenter and facilitator having the rare ability to translate difficult concepts into language that community members and those outside of her profession can understand.